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Friday Evening

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Tasty dishes


Served until 12:00 noon

Herby Wild Mushroom & Shallots on Toast (vegan)


Panini with Cheese and Caramelised Red Onion (v or ve)


Hot Dishes

Our hot dishes vary daily but may consist of:-

Vegetable and bean chilli (vegan)

Curry of the day (vegan)

Moussaka (vegan or vegetarian)

All above served with Rice Vermicelli or Oven Baked Potato Wedges (vegan)

Burrito (vegan or vegetarian)

Chickpea, veg and potato pasty with mushy peas & gravy (vegan)

£6.95 - £9.95

Panini with Cheese and Sundried Tomato (v or ve)


Toasted Teacakes(ve)


Nutty But Nice ``Sausage Roll``(vegan)


Soup of the Day (vegan)

Served with warm Crusty Bread Roll


Main Menu

We have a take away menu on site. Foods available for take out range from, paninis, signature stuffed pittas, salad boxes, soup, daily hot dishes and cakes.

Signature Pittas (vegan)

A Lebanese flatbread pitta with heavenly homemade hummus, Selmas Tabbouleh, your choice of salads , pickles and sauces from our salad bar and a choice of the following:-

Nutty & Mushroom cutlet

Quinoa & Pinto Bean Pattie


Mezze Board

Authentic falafel , pitta triangles, duo of heavenly hummus, antipasti olives and a bowl of delicious fresh salad with Selmas tabbouleh (vegan)

£11.45 per person

Gourmet Salads(vegan)

A bowl of delicious fresh gourmet salads from our salad bar with lettuce, cucumber, tomato, carrot, peppers, red onion, and pickles with heavenly hummus and a choice of the following:-
Falafel Salad

Nutty & Mushroom Cutlet Salad

Quinoa & Pinto Bean Pattie Salad


Side Orders

Seasoned oven baked potato wedges




Garlic bread pizza (ve)


Side salad of lettuce, cucumber, tomato, carrot, peppers & red onion


Antipasti Olives


Children's Menu

Hidden Veg, tomato and basil pasta bowl (Vegan)


Beans on toast (Vegan)


Little Dippers. Bowl of hummus, pitta triangles, cucumber and carrot sticks and tomato


Quorn Nuggets, baked beans and potato wedges (v)


A smaller portion of selected daily hot dish (Vegan)


Cold Drinks

Posh Pops

Sparkling fruit flavoured soft drinks



sparkling, reduced sugar, fruit flavoured soft drinks


Coke, Diet Coke, Irn Bru, Diet Irn Bru, Appletiser


Bottled water, still or sparkling


Squeezed orange or pressed apple.


Feel good carton juice


Lemon Slice in any drink



Chocolate, Strawberry or vanilla


Chocolate (vegan)


Hot Drinks

Illy Coffee


with milk









Flat White


Mocha Latte


Hot Chocolate



Pot of tea for one


Speciality Tea


Blooming Jasmine Tea


disclaimer: prices may very and subject to availability

While every care has been taken to ensure that customers are aware of our ingredients, we are unable to guarantee that foods will be free from specific allergies as everything is prepared and cooked in our small kitchen. 

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