Envy prides itself on serving up all delicious, nutritious, hot and cold meals, many inspired by foods from the Middle East.
Well known for their Signature Stuffed Pittas and Gourmet Salads, using family recipes passed down for many years. Enjoy the explosion of flavours from their authentic tabbouleh, falafel and heavenly hummus.

Envy offer a selection of beautiful, homemade cakes with vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options.

We serve Illy Coffee, known for its unique, unmistakable, exquisite blend with a delightful distinct taste and aroma. Coffee like no other!

For those preferring tea, we have a selection of Ridgeway Speciality Teas, produced by expert tea blenders which are of the same high standard as they have been for over 150 years.


Tasty dishes


(Served until 12:00 noon)

Herby Wild Mushroom & Shallots on Toast (vegan)


Panini with Cheese and Caramelised Red Onion (v or ve)


Panini with Cheese and Sundried Tomato (v or ve)


Nutty But Nice ``Sausage Roll``(vegan)


What people


Lisa and Lyn

Envy is a family run vegetarian and vegan eatery/café owned by sisters Lisa and Lyn.

From their own experiences and food choices, Lisa and Lyn recognised the need for an establishment in a location where there is a limited of choice available to Vegetarian and Vegans. Unlike many vegan and vegetarian dining establishments, their menu offers predominantly vegan meals. They want to give their customers a choice of meals, instead of one option or having to choose a couple of side orders to try to make up a meal when dining out. Their customers can have the confidence that their foods are created from fresh, wholesome ingredients which haven’t been cross contaminated by any animal products.

Sun-Tues: Closed

Wed-Fri: 10.00 – 15:00

Sat 10:00 – 16:00

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9B Laughton Rd, Blyton, Gainsborough DN21 3LG, UK

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